The A-Train Rant 19.0!!!!

Kicking off  your weekend with this edition of The A-Train Rant… What the hell, Roger? WHAT THE HELL? 2 game suspension for an athlete beating his wife? But you can suspend a player for smoking marijuana and keep another from playing for 2 seasons because of dog-fighting. That’s why the NFL offices are so screwed […]

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The A-Train Rant 18.0!!!

  Time for another edition of The A-Train Rant… I want to first say thank you to the people at Fox and MLB for completely dropping the ball during the All-Star Game. No mention of Tony Gwynn at all. I understand everything was meant for Derek Jeter but hell, give credit to one of the […]

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Why LeBron Why?

Why LeBron, why? (NOTE: This is a short commentary and the answers are opinions and not facts, yet they could be) Why did LeBron go back to the team in which its owner got so bitter that he decided to post a disrespectful letter on his team’s website? Because this was a full-fledged PR move and pretty much […]

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Bulls Get Consolation Prizes

Since the end of their second championship run in 1998, the Chicago Bulls haven’t quite lived up to the hype of being a champion. The closest they have been to getting to the title was losing to the Miami Heat back in the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, 4 games to 1. In the span of […]

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The Association Rant – 7/7/2014

After putting it off for a month, my after the season/offseason rant begins… I’m glad the San Antonio Spurs beat the sleeves off the Miami Heat. LeBron James will NOT be the greatest of all-time but one of the best …so forget that LeBron stans. Speaking of LeBron, should NOT go to Cleveland. Why go back to […]

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